“Every time I come here I feel like I'm in Chelsea market !! New York cool people hanging around on their way to gym or students chilling while others shop for awesome produce at reasonable prices… “ Danny S.

“I call this place my fountain of youth. It's a small green market packed with fresh veggies and fruits. I love their juice bar and the service is very good. Everyone is very nice in this place.” Kimberly S.

“I'm normally not much of a review writer, but as I sit here and munch my delicious Oh Veggie! Sandwich and sip my Yin & Yang mocha iced coffee I felt like compelled to rant and rave about how great this place is! Great environment, extremely friendl

“Omg this place is awesome! Just moved to S Florida from the Bay Area in CA, where we are totally spoiled with fresh healthy local food choices. This place capures the essence of that vibe, in a clean, organized and hip way. It may be 1/10th the size

“I'm in love! This place is an amazing little slice of heaven sitting on Commercial Blvd...” Natasha A.

“Highly recommend a visit for people who are trying to live a healthy and happy life.” Nicolee A.

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About Us

What We Do

  • Fruits & Vegetables

  • Fresh Juice & Coffe Bar

  • Sandwiches and Salads

  • Deli

  • Wine & Beer

The idea here at Living Green Fresh Market is to have a unique influence on everything we do.

Our Produce

(Will not bore you with "our quality is the best" speech) 

Having a background in the produce wholesale industry, we are able to make decisions on quality and value that is not obvious to most retailers


  • We know where product is grown and harvested during the different seasons. This allows us to source better product at better pricing which is passed on to you.

  • We configured our produce layout, "broken" the colors and mixed up textures so when you're standing in front looking at the produce, deciding what to make, hopefully we inspire you to get creative and try something new !

Our Sandwiches

When we created our sandwiches, we made them exactly how we would like to have them.


Let's say, your walking in a small village in France, stroll into a cafe/bakery that has been there for 50+ years and order a sandwich... Well, it will probably be served on an artisan bread with some crumbled goat cheese, blueberry extract or other endless combinations.


The one key ingredient, certain to be present in that sandwich, is "thought" and that's what we have in common.


Every sandwich and every ingredient in them has been thought out for flavor, texture, and overall harmony and/or manifestation of the pallet. Sounds complicated for a simple sandwich but, that's what makes it memorable.

Our Coffee

We love coffee!


Being coffee lovers ourselves (border line addicts) we have traveled to some of the best coffee shops in America and abroad seeking an exceptional taste and brand. We found many good coffees but only one met our standards for taste, Fairtrade and overall corporate integrity; actually, they found us: Puro coffee. It was a customer visiting from another country that recommended Puro. After many conversations and trials, we loved the coffee so much that we imported it ourselves.


Happily ever after, Puro has been a huge success and we look forward to sharing it with every coffee lover out there.


“Our prepared foods, Hot & Cold”

100% made by hand, in house, daily. We use Free range meats, no antibiotics & no Hormones. All our fish is wild caught and evcerything is made by us. Unlike bigger retailers where all the “freshly prepared foods” are bought from a third party company across the country. Our ingredient list is pure & simple. No more than 3-5 ingredients in each recipe in comparison to 10 to 30 ingredients, preservatives, coloring and enhancers found in other retailers.

"You can tell the caliber of a business by the espresso they serve" 



Our Philosophy


When certain people get up in the morning, they choose to do things in a different, special way. Their idea is to try and be a little better than the day before, one decision, one meal, one fruit one lap at a time.

​Living Green is about health and balance across all spectrums of our lives. It's about eating healthy foods and exercising with a purpose, beyond the conventional definition. Living Green is not a diet, a workout or about recycling. Those are just words. Living Green is a lifestyle.


  • It’s about helping others without any self interest.
  • It’s about making choices that will influence our environment in the days to come.
  • It’s about craving nutritious food because you know it’s good for you.
  • It’s about exercising so you are strong and flexible; therefore looking good is a wonderful byproduct of feeling good!
  • It’s about jumping over the rail on your porch.
  • It’s about riding your bicycle in the rain.
  • It’s about “having good stories to tell when we are old and sitting on a rocking chair” G.P.


As much as Living Green is about eating properly and exercising, Living Green is about nourishing a healthy and spiritual mind. Having a glass or two of wine even dessert after a healthy meal with loved ones, whether family, friends or even a good conversation with a stranger, we believe is as beneficial as the most disciplined habits. Food for the soul; taking few minutes to acknowledge and be appreciative of the something we all have to be thankful for.

​Living Green is a health conscious market that provides some of the basic tools to those people that are looking for a pure and better way to live.

Stay healthy,

Anthony Papageorgiou


PS. By no means do we officially recommend putting yourself in danger while trying to attempt any of these activities..



Contact Us

Living Green Fresh Market

1305 E Commercial Blvd,

Oakland Park, FL 34748

Phone. 954-771-9770